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New Christmas Housing for Organic Heifers

Calf Igloos – are go!

These may not be an igloo the Inuit would recognise but these fibre glass huts are at the forefront of heifer rearing. They look a little odd but provide super social space for contact between heifers and a cosy environment with good air movement to maintain optimum heifer health. These particular heifers are eight weeks old and one igloo houses fifteen very comfortably. The heifers can wander around outside within a wider penned off area.

Very importanly the igloos are quick and easy to clean out. The telehandler lifts the whole thing up in the air and the bedding is forked away and replaced- et voila!! Perfection.

Why are they white you may ask? It is clearly not a practical colour for a farm.Heat reflection we assume. As the farm team built these in the freezing early December weather, heat reflecting properties have yet to be tested!

So if any expectant mothers are in need of somewhere accomodating this Christmas Eve, feel free to come here. We have oceans of space for you.



Caroline Bell

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